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The FBI calls employee theft “the fastest growing crime in America!”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and the most do so repeatedly.

One third of ali U.S. corporate bankruptcies cire directly caused by employee theft.

The Boston Globe and Denver Posi newspapers recently reported that U.S. companies lose nearly $400 billion per year in lost productivity due to “time theft” or loafing.

The American Society of Employers estimates that 20% of every dollar earned by a U.S. company is lost to employee theft.

Percent of employees steal from the workplace
U.S. companies loss
$400 billion
So How Can A Organization Prevent This Type Of Loss?
We Assist Organizations identify and mitigate losses that occur by internal or external dishonest activity utilizing comprehensive and integrated Loss Prevention Solutions that include:

• Development and Implementation of Loss Prevention Best Practices
• Loss Prevention Training and Audits
• Actively investigate all internal and external dishonest activities and losses.
• Uniformed Security personnel
• Undercover Operative
• Access Control Monitoring: Gatehouse Operations, Employee and Visitor   Entrances
• CCTV surveillance monitoring
• Reward and incentive employee loss prevention programs

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